All of the products in combination with one another offers over 300 interesting educational lessons, many of which are fun to do with your child.
The instructions for the alphabet letters in connection with all of the other products expands language development from the fundamental Phonic and ABC sounds, through word structures, to reading and writing many short sentences. Some examples of word structures are: Short vowel words-cat. Long vowel words-bike. Words with long vowel digraphs-rain. Words with consonant digraphs-chin. Diphthongs- toy. Consonant blends frog. Vowels followed by r-bird. There are more word structures in the instructions.
We include simple to understand, easy to teach and brief descriptions of each lesson for parents who purchase combination packages like the DVD and or CD, Writing Book, Cards and or 3-D figures. The DVD and CD come with verbal instructions for several lessons. If the writing/coloring book, card deck, figures and moveable alphabet are purchased individually, each will come with its own instructions.
It is not essential to do all of the lessons. However, the more the better. A number of the lessons cover the basic skills. Others are offered to reinforce those skills.
The lessons are meant to incrementally improve your child's language skills over a period of time, moving at their pace with your encouragement and praise for any effort that they make.
This cohesive program is based on an integrated, multi-activity approach. It's designed to develop reading abilities with a variety of creative and enjoyable interactive educational materials. However, each product individually should provide an effective learning experience.