Written alphabet letters are abstract symbols that are made more concrete when sight, sound and touch are associated with them. The written letter's purpose should become more understandable to the child when they are associated with the 3-D movable alphabet letters. The 3-D letters are in turn connected to the matching Phonic and ABC sounds and letters in the video, CD, cards and 3-D figures. The same applies when the parent says or sings the sounds and presents the letters to or with their child.
Additional clarity and tactile (touch) memory is attained when the 3-D letters are traced with your child's finger, followed by repeated letter tracing in the writing/coloring book.
Of course, words and short sentences can be spelled out with the 3-D Alphabet Letters, as well as the word structures mentioned on the LESSONS page.
All of these elements should make the written letter symbols more real and memorable to the child. This approach will probably leave additional and lasting impressions through the connections, made with three of their senses to the educational materials and the parent child interactions. One more sense can be added to the equation. A sense of humor, at least for some of the lessons.
We provide Lower and Uppercase letters A-Z. The lower case letters are coated with non-toxic paint and there are two of each vowel. The sizes are about 1 1/4 X 1 1/4 to 2 7/16 X 1 1/8 inches*. The Uppercase consonant letters are an unpainted natural wood and the vowels are coated with non-toxic paint. The sizes are about 3/8 X 1 7/8 to 1 7/8 X 1 9/16 inches*. Remember to consistently supervise your children when using the letters and always gather ALL of the letters up and keep them safely out of their reach when you are not, for they may present a choking hazard. For more information about how to apply this material and language development see the Lessons pages.

A set of lowercase letters are $8.99 and a set of uppercase letters are $17.49.

*The Letter size varies depending on the letter.